Gravastar Dev Update: The Long Quiet

Hey everyone! It's been a little while, but we're alive, we've been busy, and we've got a bunch of awesome news and really cool stuff to show you! First off, a little eye candy to get you in the mood for Gravastar:

The President was kidnapped by these monsters. Are you a bad enough Spectre to rescue him?

Here are just a few of the new monsters on Aethera, and they are already looking for a fight.

Next up, we would like to introduce...

The Gravastar Team!

We're happy to announce that we have several new additions to our international team, and boy did we need the help. We are a group of passionate, dedicated, and talented JRPG nerds, working hard to bring a new and unique gameplay experience into your eyes and brains and hearts.


Professor X | Creative Director

Twitter: @StudioAtma

He created Gravastar almost 2 years ago, and spent a good chunk of that time writing, game designing, and concepting. He is also the Lead Artist and Character Animator.


Tony Yang | Lead Software Developer

Twitter: @StudioAtmaDev

Seattle-based but Texas-bred, Tony's come on to take point on the development side of things.


TK Lee | Software Development Engineer

Straight outta Korea, TK did his time at DigiPen Institute of Technology and is now doing some great work making Gravastar the game to play.


Willie Phung | 2D Animator

Website: Phung Animation

With years of experience as an animator in the game industry, Willie well be lending his talents to the character animation in Gravastar.


Golden Skull Studios | Tile Artistry

Website: Golden Skull Studios

From Germany, Golden Skull Studios has come on-board to create custom, beautiful, hand-painted tilesets for the Overworld of Gravastar.


Anthony Thomas | 3D Artist

Website: Treehouse CG

Anthony, a film and game industry 3D modeler and look development artist, is the Gravastar weapons-master, forging our characters' weapons in the 3-dimensional fires of Modo. 


Mark Barrett | 2D Artist & Animator

A game industry veteran, Mark brings years of experience and a buttload of talent in Concept Art, Character Animation, and Art Direction to Gravastar.


Chris Hurn | Composer

Soundcloud: Chris Hurn Composer

Hailing from Auckland, NZ, Chris is hard at work composing the beautiful score for Gravastar, making sure to hit all of your nostalgia buttons, but with a unique and modern take. 


Zeke Fenelon | Sound Designer

Twitter: @outsetini

Making sure that the whooshes whoosh and the plinks plonk, Zeke's giving the game the solid sound it needs to feel just right on the ears.

Message from the Devs

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*** These are works in progress, and not representative of final build. ***
With this new view of the combat, each hit you dish and take just got a lot more personal!

With this new view of the combat, each hit you dish and take just got a lot more personal!

When your characters and the enemies attack, the camera follows the action. We'll be adding more bells, whistles, and character weapons,  but this is a sneak peek of the beginning of something wonderful.

Act List Swooshing

Just look at that slick rearrangement!

Just look at that slick rearrangement!

Now when you make a move that will change the order in which combatants attack, you'll be treated to a nice little swoosh!

These are just a couple of the things that we've worked on since the last update, and we're looking forward to bringing even more of this game to life. We might even have some Chroma stuff available in the near future... ;)

UI Design

Dammit, Marlene.

Acquire the XABY code in the Factory Ruins.

Acquire the XABY code in the Factory Ruins.

We've started layout and design of our in-game UI. As you know, you spend a lot of time in the User Interface in JRPGs. Items, Statuses, Inventories, Options... so many fun things to micromanage!  We are doing our best to make the UI/UX design in Gravastar clear, concise, and fun to navigate. Only 11 more submenus to go! :) 

We've also been implementing and refining the Battle UI for the Chroma system, which you can learn more about in the next update!

Production Art!

Here's some of the new production art we have been creating behind the scenes.

I don't know about you guys, but I feel completely naked without my scarf.

Model sheets are indispensable for animation reference, and each character will get one made. Model sheets are especially helpful in keeping your character features and proportions on-model when working with multiple animators. 

We've also been working on our Overworld sprites, and building our NPC templates. Soon, they will enter the world of ToonBoom, and NPC animation will begin.

I'll just, uh... stand right here, I guess.

Round and round and round.

That about wraps it up for this long-overdue update! Stay tuned for the next update, where you can find out more details about the Chroma magic system,  the Overworld of Gravastar, new animation, and new music by Composer Chris Hurn!


Now, witness the power of this fully operational battle station.

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Thanks for all of your continued support!

Until next time, JRPG fans. 

<3, Studio Atma