Gravastar Dev Update: It's About Time

We're back with a super big update! A lot of work has been done to the build, and a bunch of awesome stuff has happened since our last big update. Let's get into it!


It's been a tough few months. We have been working our butts off on this thing, and all that hard work has paid off. We have a pretty solid playable demo of our Battle Engine now, and a great base to build on! We are going to make some more changes and get this thing ready to make available as a public download in the next month or so!

Plans for the next phase of the battle engine:

- New enemy types (flying, armored, magic, etc)
- Skill-based blocking
- Skill-based Chroma input buffs
- AP spent to perform Special Moves
- Positive feedback
- Battle speed refinements
- Nova attacks (think Final Fantasy limit breaks)
- Items

We Won a Thing!

And all on 2 hours of sleep! :D

We were super excited and pleasantly surprised to win the People's Choice Award at iFest 2016! It was our first public demo ever and we didn't really know what to expect. We just wanted people to play it and give us their feedback. Overall, it was an incredibly positive experience, with tons of great playtest feedback from everyone who gave it a try. Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us at iFest, and also to the nice people who put iFest on every year. It is a great way for indie developers to get their game into the hands of the players.  

Live, from Meydenbauer Center!

Live, from Meydenbauer Center!

We also had the awesome opportunity to get into Power of Play 2016 at Meydenbauer Center and get some more player feedback. We took the great feedback from iFest, and made several fixes and changes before Power of Play, and it made a huge difference in how quick the players at PoP picked up our battle mechanics. Thanks to all the good people at PoP for helping us get in last minute. We had a great time!

Shout-outs to the homies that were also in attendance:

Cerebrawl from Zero Dimension

Gurgamoth from Galvanic Games

Starr Mazer DSP from Imagos Softworks

Potions: A Curious Tale from Stumbling Cat

Trundl Buddy from Spite House

And so many other amazing games! The Seattle Indie scene is incredibly vibrant and full of super-cool people. If you aren't out here, you should be.

Message from the Dev

I don't really have much to say that hasn't already been said, but I'll add some 'Tips for harmonious working in Unity'.

  1. Use GameObjects to set values. Rather than setting all your values in the code, expose those values to the Unity Editor so that you can rapidly prototype. When setting up the values for our MP usage and the damage of our attacks, it's much easier to just make a change in the editor and have the value change instantly than it was to stop the game, change a value in code, and start it up again.
  2. Repeatable art assets should be the same size. e.g. The chroma icons in our chroma menu. If the art assets are the same size, the code doesn't have to do as much custom configuration to make the art assets work correctly. This allows the code to be more flexible when setting up UI elements.
  3. Dealing with Coroutines. Timing is everything in a game. Sometimes code needs to adjust for timing. One problem you can face when starting up a new Coroutine is that there's a slight delay between 'starting' a Coroutine and the Coroutine actually being processed. So calling a Coroutine that starts a Couroutine that starts... well, you get the picture. Each new start will add a small delay, so the more you have, the more you'll be likely to encounter timing issues down the line.

The Overworld


We have a bunch of amazing Overworld assets from our partners-in-crime, Golden Skull Studios, and we are ready to start building our Overworld. We hope to have a demo area ready to run around in by September 2016! Stay tuned for more updates on our Overworld development.


We've got a public demo in the works. so it made total sense to release a badass extended version of our hype Battle Theme composed by Chris Hurn! Battle is love. Battle is life.

That is about it for this update. Stay tuned for more cool stuff, including new Battle Engine features and Overworld progress! Follow us on social media to get updates as they happen!

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