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Studio Atma
Based in Seattle, WA

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What is Gravastar?

Gravastar is a sci-fi fantasy JRPG (Japanese-style Role Playing Game) for PC and consoles that combines a traditional JRPG aesthetic with a unique and fast-paced turn-based battle system inspired by 2D arcade fighting games. The battle system in Gravastar is set apart from traditional, turn-based JRPGs by its real-time button-combo input system. Alter the flow of battle, master your character's movesets, build enormous combos, and string together chains to dispatch your foes.

You are Baird, an orphan boy on the exoplanet Aethera, who has just violently discovered that he is a Spectre, a rare being with power tied to the stars. Begin your quest, meet companions, and learn to harness the power of the stars on your journey to save Aethera from a fanatic zealot, hell-bent on plunging the Universe into darkness. Only then, can you truly fulfill your destiny.

Who are we?

Studio Atma was founded nearly 3 years ago when Gravastar was still only the seed of an idea. The first public demos of Gravastar's unique turn-based combo-based battle system were showcased at a variety of Seattle conventions in 2016 and we couldn't have been happier with the response. The new year brings with it whispers of an overworld as we continue our quest to bring Gravastar to all the JRPG fans out there!

<3, Studio Atma


  • Story-driven campaign with 15 hours of classic JRPG gameplay.
  • Harness the power of the stars to unleash powerful spells and devastating combos on your enemies in a unique and fast-paced turn-based battle system inspired by 2D arcade fighting games.
  • Join Baird and a cast of seven playable companions as they race to save Aethera from darkness.
  • Uncover the secrets of Aethera's rich history as you adventure through five sprawling continents.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn animations and hand-painted textures combine a traditional JRPG aesthetic with modern HD graphics.
  • Developed by grass-fed programmers who write only the most efficient and optimized code. :)

Gravastar Gameplay Update: 1/7/2018


WIP Overworld Development

Old Battle Engine Footage


Logos & Icons

Awards & Recognition

  • iFest 2016 People's Choice Award



Derek Blair
Creative Director, Lead Artist/Animator, Lead Designer

Robert Walker
Lead Software Developer

Zeke Fenelon
Sound Designer

Chris Hurn

Jasper Liu
2D Animator

Willie Phung
2D Animator